What makes River Plate special?

There are various schools of thought when it comes to developing great soccer players. River Plate philosophy includes time-tested core values that you can expect in all our programs.


Soccer enjoys the nickname “the beautiful game.” It is above all an act of play, an experience of embodiment, and an expression of shared culture. We take into account our minds and emotions as we train our bodies, learn to manage negative feelings and develop constructive self-talk.


We know that each player is much more than a narrowly defined role on the field, so we stretch and celebrate the full range of a player’s abilities. We know that versatile teams keep opponents guessing.


Often, success in soccer boils down to one question: can you get to the ball before your opponent? We know that individual speed can take a player further than any other single skill, so we make sure our training regimen develops this foundation.


You know how you can use your head in soccer? This also means coaches share their love of the birds-eye view with their players. Everyone gets to learn tactical, intelligent soccer, and everyone helps hold the vision of collective team movement — toward victory.

Get ready for tryouts!

June 22–23

Head to our KRP Sports Connect portal to create an account and register your players for tryouts.

Tryouts will be held at Pioneer Park.
1101 Indianapolis Road
Mooresville, IN 46158

Pioneer Park

Meet our coaches

Guillermo Rivarola

Guillermo Rivarola

Head Coach

Claudio Argueso

Claudio Argueso

Goalkeeper Coach

Gustavo Perez Solano

Gustavo Perez Solano

Physical Trainer

Jose Luis Vidal

Jose Luis Vidal

Staff Coach

Jordan Nelson

Jordan Nelson

Staff Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we try a class before committing to purchasing a package?

Yes! We recognize that sports classes are an investment, and our program might not be a perfect fit for your child. First-time students are welcome to call us and schedule an initial free class.

Are your classes gender-inclusive?

We group our classes by age range, without separating male and female players. We welcome students of all gender orientations and make every effort to use preferred pronouns.

What is the typical class size?

We typically divide the class into working groups of 12–14 players, separated by age. This helps keep everyone active and appropriately challenged.

Can I get a refund if my child has to miss a class?

If your child won’t be able to attend a class, please contact us asap so that we can register them for a make-up class on a different date.

No refunds or make-up classes will be offered for uncommunicated absences or same-day cancellations.

What should my child wear to class? Are team jerseys provided?

Branded River Plate jerseys are required for class, and are available for purchase on location for $10.
Soccer cleats (not tennis shoes), and black shorts are required.
Showers and changing facilities are available.

My child is brand new to soccer. Will your program accommodate them?

Since our classes are ongoing with new students joining every week, approachability is important. Coaches can subdivide their classes as they see fit, assigning modified exercises to players who might need more time practicing a skill.

It’s recommended however, that your student understand the basic rules and terms of soccer before attending a class.

My child is an ambitious/experienced player. Will this program offer enough challenge?

We are invested in providing a path to professional soccer careers for those who are interested and display the aptitude. Our network includes some of the best soccer players and industry influencers in the world. The River Plate family can take you far!

Just reach out. Our coaches are happy to make personalized recommendations for your motivated/gifted player.

How do you handle injuries or health emergencies during practice or games?

We are committed to players’ safety. All of our staff are regularly trained in first aid and emergency preparedness.

When you sign up for class, you give permission for our staff to seek appropriate medical attention for your child in the event of accident, injury or illness. Ultimately, River Plate cannot be liable or responsible for the cost of these interventions.